our restaurant is located in the heart of the old town of Begur, one of the most emblematic towns on the Costa Brava and considered one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia. The building that welcomes us is the Casa Tèrmens, built in 1869 and with a strong Indian air, with a large courtyard where we find a large space accompanied by a modern pergola that begins at the threshold of the porch, and further in the typical vaults of the construction of the time and the area.

the summer nights give us a Mediterranean atmosphere, almost festive, combined with a cuisine that works the local product but at the same time reinvents itself to offer new gastronomic proposals that only the curiosity and the palate will be the ones that draw n the geographical limits of our cuisine.

we also have interior spaces, the area of ​​the glass pergola and the porch, and the small room where we welcome groups that want to be more in their air.

we invite you to come and meet us, us and our corner, in Begur, and that you are the ones who end up describing everything that we do not tell you here.

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